Which POS Systems work well with Trade Gecko


Hi we have been using TG for over 2 years and its been integrated with Shopify for our web platform we are now opening a physical store and need to find a POS system that works well with TG and if at all possible I don’t want to use Shopify POS . What other POS systems have people found that integrates well with TG all feedback would be extremely useful
Thanks Guys


Hi Martin,

At this time TradeGecko only works well with the Shopify POS system. Out of curiosity, what systems are you looking to use?



If you are already using Shopify for your ecommerce store, I do think it’s worthwhile giving Shopify POS a go. We have a number of clients that are using this setup already and it works really well. Is there any particular feature you are looking for in a POS system?




Since TG does not integrate with other POS’s beside Shopify… I want to find a work-around, I have a scenario I would like your feedback on…

Let’s say I use LightspeedHQ, they integrate with WooCommerce… If someone from my physical store buys product #123 from my store via LightSpeedHQ POS system… then LightSpeedHQ would update inventory on my woocommerce store…

Would TG, then take updated inventory from woo, in to TG?