View a SKU's Committed Open Sales Orders


Currently if you click a SKU, on the sidebar there is a History tab that shows additions to the inventory and fulfillments. What isn’t as easily accessible is a simple list showing all open unfulfilled sales order the SKU is committed to. We get into situations a lot where we’re committing a SKU to multiple customers very far ahead of time and it would be really handy to go by the SKU to see what all open unfulfilled sales orders it’s committed to.


I agree, and along with this, where it says Incoming, a link to the Purchase Orders featuring that item would be great.


Hi @sparklepop,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Having a list of open sales orders in which a certain SKU is committed to is certainly a valuable request. We have no immediate plans to add this feature to our roadmap but we will continue to gather feedback on this thread from other community users to see if the request gathers steam.



This is a common request - There are times we are out of stock and when the sku becomes avail- TG has no way of running a report to see what open orders are committed to this sku. TG should really put some time in and create this function as I’m sure several TG users can use this feature.


I hope this has been fixed, I have just moved over from MYOB and even they have this feature for an inventory system to not have this is mind blowing, ideally when you received the stock it would automatically tell you, “You can now ship such and such orders”. Finding it very slow sifting through every single order once I receive stock, is there a quicker way?



Still I can’t find any option to check committed stock. Ideally I’d be able to add an order filter for committed stock, and for inventory.