Vendor account sign-up form and approval process on B2B portal



It would be great to have a way to allow potential vendors to sign-up for a wholesale account on our B2B portal on their own so that all we have to do is approve their application instead of having to enter all of their info for them. This would also allow them to set their password and customer account details on their own which would prevent some of the issues that we have with customers not being able to sign in to the B2B portal. As it is right now, we need to ask for all of their account information by email which adds a lot of processing time to this process.


I totally agree to this. this feature will be ideal for our business too.


Hi Stuart, I see 2 workflows here:

  1. Your existing buyers that have been invited to the portal but did not set up their password the first time.
  2. New leads that are interested in starting a business relationship with you.

For point 1, would it be better to allow them to click “forgot password” to get a new link to set up their password?
For point 2, how do you vet new leads before inviting them to the store? What kinds of questions do you usually ask them?



I agree with the above request. Below are the main points I used for my former wholesale site to have potential customers fill out on a form before being approved:

  1. Company Name
  2. Phone
  3. Website
  4. Store Type
  5. Email
  6. Shipping Address
  7. Billing Address (if different than Ship to address)
  8. Resale License Number