Using tags in Intelligence




Is it possible to analyse data via the tags? We apply tags to both customers and products. The customer tags create discrete profiles that personify a type of purchasing behaviour or a type of attitude towards our products. In relation to the products, we create tags that are overlapping: some of the tags describe the flavour profile while others state the country or region they are from. This level of aggregation would allow a more over-arching approach to sales analysis since we could identify trends in our products and customers that otherwise is not possible (without extrapolating and dumping into Google Sheets).

Straight two-dimensional analysis would be great. Even better would be the filtering and cross-tabulating of tagged data. But I’m getting way ahead of myself here.

Just a thought :).


Tags in reporting
CSV download for use as Excel Pivot Table source data

In the absence of customised fileds we have used tags as an intermediate solution of sorting our customers.

With tags information are created.
But the information has no value if it’s not available.
So, TG has to make tags available and sortable in intelligence reporting.


Completely agree here! What’s the value of having categories of data if they can’t be utilized in Intelligence?


I completely agree it I can’t believe they haven’t responded to this topic yet. How is this not a thing in TG?


Hi all,

Using semantic data (such as tags) certainly makes solid business sense, and we’ve been thinking of adding that functionality for a long time. However, our current infrastructure doesn’t allow to implement that at a reasonable timeline and with a reasonably low effort.

Therefore, this feature will remain on hold until other bits and pieces that enable it are in place.