Units of measurement



Hi, we would like to have different units of measurement, besides the only available at the moment “piece”. We would like to have “m” meters and “kg” kilograms, even better add any unit of measurement. Of course this would also require changing the numeric field to a number with a decimal. It would also be great to be able to convert an item delivered in kilograms to the same item in meters for example. Currently the copper pipe factory sells the pipes in kilograms and we resell them in meters and the conversion is performed via a coefficient kg/m.

Why is this feature important?

Not every business deals only with packages, which are counted as pieces. The factories for example sell the copper pipe in kilograms, the cables in meters and etc.

Please describe how you would use this feature:

We would import and sell the goods in the actual way we do it in real world. We would import the pipes in kilograms and sell them in kilograms. At the moment it is impossible and to get the accuracy needed we import the pipes in grams and sell in grams, a lot of customers laugh when they see 1500000 grams of pipe and price of 0.012 per gram?!?!

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?

It will definitely make us reconsider our subscribtion as this is another of many requests that we and other users asked for. From what I read around the community I only see workarounds and “this is not on our short term road map”.




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TG Team, any response would be appreciated…


Hi there!

Thanks for following up here - In regards to your above feature request, we definitely see the utility in the conversion piece between receiving/selling products in different measurement units as described above

Unfortunately it is not something that is currently in our current short-term roadmap, however I would recommend perhaps adding the these units of on measurement at the variant level to help you manage this.

Hope this helps!


this will not provide the conversions that we need.

Thanks anyway.


Hi avir10,

Thanks for the follow up here - We definitely see the utility here - one recommendation I have is to populate these weight parameters at the variant level to make it easier for export purposes from TradeGecko to make the conversions internally.

Thanks again for your feedback - noted here on our end!


This also doesn’t solve the problem…