Unique Barcode for Every Item - Inventory/ Stock Management



I’d like to create unique barcodes for every single box that I put into inventory. Then as I place the barcode on the new box that item would be added into inventory under a specified SKU.

I need some guidance on how this is done. I understand that if every Fidget #1 has the same barcode on every new box that it would total the levels as I go. However, how is this done when each barcode is unique?

Perhaps I am missing something. I know that warehouses use this kind of labeling so that they can scan an individual box and now what shipment that came from and when it was checked in.


Hi Fred,

Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately at this point, TradeGecko currently ties only 1 unique barcode to a variant.

It sounds like what you are looking for at the moment is serial tracking on the platform, something that we do not currently support on the platform.

One way to track these items as they come into the warehouse is to use a barcode scanner as you receive a purchase order. By using a barcode scanner, you should eliminate the possibility for error, and allow you to have one barcode per variant.

Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding this topic and we’d be happy to help!