Time it takes to load "Relationships" and "Inventory"


When entering “Relationships” and “Inventory” TG are loading approx. 40-50 lines every time you enter the page. Which takes approx 5 sec every time (we’re having internet through fiber, so general speed is normally not an issue).
When entering one of these two menu items, in 99,99% of the time, you’re in need of searching. TG should therefore skip loading this information before you start your search.
(Loading information when entering SO and “Stock Control” is some how different and acceptable).

Why is this feature important?
In a day to day business it’s annoying to wait 5 sec to be able to search for an item or a relation ship.

Please describe how you would use this feature:
Save time and avoid annoyance

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
Working with TG will be more time consuming and annoying, and therefore subject to change.


I do also have the same suggestion for intelligence. It’s annoying to wait for the system to load a report with numbers you’re not looking for.


On our end the intelligence simply never shows: the store is not immensely large (around 200 orders per day), but this seems to be too much for the system. Even restricting very small timeline loads forever and ultimately timeout.

We were told that proper fix should be done… in late September at the soonest. We’ve reported that in end of May. In other words, do not based your work on the Intelligence tool of TradeGecko, it’s simply unusable in its current form.