Tax on product


Different products could have different VAT amount.

TG is linking VAT to customer which makes a mess in both invoicing and accounting.

the way TG is built today makes personal attention extremely important. If you invoice different products you have to know which VAT is allocated to which products. In the 21st century you should expect the computer to handle these kind of issues not personal attention.
This is also a huge potential source of error.

products with different VAT amount have to be recorded on separated accounts due to audit. This is not possible the way TG is built todasy.

So, VAT has to be defined on the product level.
On the customer level you have to select if it’s taxable (domestic) or not (export).

This is an old issue which has been asked to be added here.


I can’t agree more with this!

We would LOVE the option to set an adjustable tax rate for each product rather than for a relationship or sales channel.

We sell both zero rated and standard rate VAT products through a number of sales channels, so when the orders come through they will have a single tax rate which is determined by the sales channel/relationship. Therefore we have to open up every single invoice and change the tax rate for each product, and with thousands of orders per month this takes up a HUGE amount of time.

Ideally this feature would have the option to set a tax rate based on whether the product is being purchased or sold for greater flexibility. So for example, the standard tax product would automatically default to 20% VAT on expenses when creating a purchase order and 20% VAT on income when an invoice is generated.



We have two category of products, one that is fully taxable and the other is partially taxable due to tax exemptions. As a Canadian company, we deal with different taxes for our different provinces, and different tax exemptions for certain products sold.
For example:
In the province of Quebec: Item1 is at 5% tax, Item2 is at 14% tax
In the province of Ontario: Item1 is at 5% tax, Item2 is at 13% tax

One tax setting is applicable within the customer’s profile, but we need more customization with tax exemptions that would be automatically applied to our Sales Orders to give our customers more accurate pricing.

We need to be able to ‘flag’ or add some sort of tag to certain products in our inventory, that would be recognized by the system and apply a different tax setting. This optional second/ tax setting option could be established just below the Default Tax Type setting within the customer’s profile page.

So far, we must go through each product on every Sales Order and manually change the tax rate. This process is very time consuming and increases human error, especially if a mistake is made and the Sales Order is ‘finalized’ - as taxes cannot be changed after finalizing.


MaxHeadroom, I totally agree with you regarding taxation of products. It’s a very week point in TG.
+1 from me.

Your request correspond with my request


Any updates on this topic?
Any time frame?


Probably the usual response about the short term road map…


Hi there,

Firstly thanks a lot for coming forward and sharing more use cases as to how this feature would make your experience using TradeGecko even better!

We do recognise how certain business would benefit greatly if this workflow is implemented and as a matter of fact this feature is currently in the list of features being evaluated by the Product Team. Therefore we shall keep you updated once the team gets back to us whether they would be including that in the short term roadmap or not.