Supplier Returns



Occasionally we need to return items to our suppliers because they are damaged and we get a refund. I don’t see a way to process these returns from a purchase order after clicking the receive button.


+1 on this. It is an important feature and TG must have it.


Thank you so much for this question!

You have probably already realized this but the only workaround that we have available to account for returns to suppliers is to create a New Stock Adjustment. This allows you to remove inventory from your warehouse(s) that is damaged or otherwise not suitable to sell.

I definitely agree that we need to improve the way we allow you to process returns to suppliers after you have received inventory.

Please do not hesitate to write back if I can elaborate on this further.




As someone who has worked in supply chain and logistics for 10+ years I am absolutely baffled that this isn’t a function that Trade Gecko has already. Simply adjusting stock is an inaccurate way to keep track of stock based on supplier. It makes any historical purchasing data invalid, as orders will only account for stock purchased, not returned. Not to mention its effect on the MAC, any FX recorded at the time (most likely recorded in your accounting system rather than TG, but it needs to be reversed to be accurate). I need to be able to create a credit note with my suppliers so that i can then claim those credits against future invoices. This missing function causes a headache in accounting too, as there is no way of allocating credits against purchase orders, or stock adjustments against purchase orders.
I cannot think of one single business that would never have issues with:

  1. suppliers supplying incorrect number of units (yes I know everything should be counted before receiving but for some businesses this isn’t viable)
  2. issues with quality etc. that are identified after receiving.

This is almost a deal-breaker for me. The major reason I fork out $100/month for TG is for its supplier/inventory management. Many other areas such as sales order management etc. are either the same or not quite as good as the native platforms they connect with.

PLEASE update this function. It’s not a small area to neglect.


Hey Mitch,

Thanks for your message. RMAs and Credit Notes are definitely on the longer term roadmap.

As you mentioned this is not a small project and as such we’re always having to prioritise our limited resources on the most important projects, for example this last quarter we’ve really been focused on performance and scalability.

We will definitely update as soon as we’re working on this functionality,