Stocktake tool improvements



I’d like to have a more powerfull stocktake tool. I would be a combination of the stock adjustment functionnality and the actual stocktake tool.

Here is how i see the perfect stocktake :

  1. chose the location
  2. backup quantities for all items of the location
  3. set all quantities to zero
  4. import a csv file with new quantities (i think it’s great to have both choices : manually entry or csv import)
  5. create an exportable report with the gap between old quantities and new quantities for each items. It can be usefull for several verifications

Steps 2 and 3 would be transparent (hidden) for the user

In the csv file, if some sku are missing, it means that the quantity is zero because physically there was nothing to count (product stopped for example). So as we set all quantities to zero before, that’s not a problem, it will stay at zero.

Conversely, if there some new sku unknown in tradegecko in the csv, the system would be able ignore them and make a listing of them. Maybe the user will want to create them later.

The backup could be used for the gap report, or for a roll back.

Feel free to add any suggestion !



Have there been any updates on this one? The new stocktaking tool is great - for stocktaking stuff you still have… but if products have been stolen from the retail store or lost for whatever reason - there is no ability to zero the stock that you have not stocktaken (i.e. if there were 6 boxes of boots, there would still be an imaginary 6 boxes of boots after a stocktake.

Currently, i’m having to export to a csv in order to zero everything before either using the spreadsheet for a stocktake, or the stocktake tool (which doesn’t handle my very large inventory well).