Stocktake improvement


We would like to see several improvements to the stocktake tool:

  • Save progress before completion: It could take a long time to complete an inventory count, so it is crucial to be able to save the progress along the way!

  • Team-counting. In our case, we have located 10-12K items in a single warehouse location, spread across 3 floors. The same items can also be located in different locations, and we can be up to 10 people performing the counts at the same time. The stocktake tool would really need some functionality to combine counts into one single stock take. I propose that you could log different count sessions / users into the same stocktake. Before finalizing the stocktake, all of the different counts would be combined into one summarized stock-count, where you can also see who counted what.

  • Export report of the stocktake. This would be especially useful for team-counting, to see who counted what.

  • CSV import for stocktake. Increases flexibility of the tool.

Why is this feature important?
For big and complex warehouses, the stocktake tool is lacking the functionality necessary to use it for large counts.

Please describe how you would use this feature:
For all inventory counting.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
We either need to continue to use time-consuming workarounds which leaves room for error.


+1 on that, the stocktake as is at the moment is almost useless