Stock Transfer Printing



When printing Stock transfers:

Notes are only shown on the INTERNAL type.

We need the Notes shown on the EXTERNAL type as well.

Thank you in advance!


Hello! Thanks for chiming in here. Would you be able to clarify what you mean by notes need to show up in external type when printing an invoice?

If you include Notes on a Stock Transfer, they are visible as “Notes” on the Stock Transfer when you go to print the Stock Transfer.

Perhaps you could clarify the request here - I’d be happy to help!




As I said, the NOTES are visible only on EXTERNAL Stock Transfer. (Like in the screenshot that you sent)

I need the NOTES visible on INTERNAL Stock Transfer.


Good afternoon,

Thanks for following up here!

Stock Transfers are an internal tool for your use only and not customer faicng- meaning they do not have an Internal and External facing functionality. Thus, all notes in the Stock Transfer will show on the Stock Transfer itself.

May I ask perhaps the reason why you are looking to have both internal and external notes on a Stock Transfer?


Dear Emily,

It isn’t very nice to see that even you do not understand your product well enough.

Stock Transfers in TG can be printed as Internal and External Types:

What I am trying to ask for the whole time is that the NOTES that we fill in are visible only when External Stock Transfer is printed and I need them visible on Internal Stock Transfer.

Since TG functionality is limited we need the notes in order to avoid writing an email or calling someone… I just print the ST and the guys in the warehouse do their job without asking any questions.


Hi there,

Thanks for clarifying! This is an admin toggle so thank you for bringing it to my attention - we use the software everyday but it is great to learn more from our customers, who use the product everyday! I have asked your Customer Success Manager to enable this on your account, and notes can now be viewed on our new Document Template. Please feel free to email your Customer Success Manager with any other questions.

You can learn more about internal and external stock transfers here.

Hope this helps!