Show Unit Cost / Discount / Price on Sales Orders/Invoices



Description: Show the Unit Cost, Discount(% or $), Price on Sales Orders/Invoices

preview example:

Why is this feature important?

Adheres to standard receipt practices in Canada, where the original price is show, the discount is shown and the discounted price is shown.

Important for communicating to our dealers they are receiving a discount on the original cost of an item.
Important since right now the discount price is only show, so some dealers think that there has been a wholesale price adjustment.

Please describe how you would use this feature:

See link to PDF example above.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?

Currently we have to Hand Bomb into the Notes section of the product the original price, and the discount.
Often we just leave it and use Pen to mark on the sales order/invoice,

PS. Really like the new Sales Order layout, everyones eyes are extremely thankful for the larger type.


This is an important feature. Not showing customers the discount they receive is less than ideal. Also, showing a GST column is not required for all customers (i.e. when we export). It would be VERY USEFUL to have more control over the Sales Order PDF layout and column inclusions. The Sales Order document is an important communications tool that provides customers a complete picture of their order that should include discounts for sure. Without the discount being shown, we are getting calls from customers asking where the discount is. Be great to see this functionality soon.


I agree this is a necessary feature. Currently, I have to export orders using the 3pl export and email that to customers to show their discount - it is very unprofessional.


The requested feature is very essential.
With the current feature, When Sales order is created, Staff and Clients is not sure whether price is discounted on not.

Adding the Requested feature would clarify every line, and save great deal in keeping up separate records of what was original price and by how much they are discounted (if any).

Highly recommend this feature.


Hi @mars, @sales6, @stevan, @italiaplumb

Great news, we do have this feature available, but it needs to enabled by our team upon request. Our technical support team will be in touch shortly to set this up for you. Hope this helps!


Awesome, This will make customers very happy and save me having to export orders to show customers their discounts.


we would like to sign up for this. who do we reach out to?



I have reached out to our technical support team to enable this on your account as well. It should be enabled soon!



Thank you Neeta,

We would like to have this feature implemented on our system.

Feel free to contact me for further confirmation if needed when your Engineers are ready.




Hi Neeta,

Can you add this function for my account also?

Show the Unit Cost, Discount(% or $), Price on Sales Orders/Invoices


Hi Antonin,

Our technical support team will be enabling this feature for you and will reach out once its done. Have a great day!


Hello Neeta,

Thank you for your help and the engineer team for implementing the discount field.
Greatly appreciate the effort.

However, I need to ask you to turn it off. It is completely unusable on Sales Orders in it’s current configuration.

If there is a book-keeper in your organization, they could probably explain why it is not a good idea in its current form.

Please refer to the Mock-Up Example Sales Order provided here:

Once again, thank you for your efforts.



Thumbs Up!

Thank you for activating the Unit Price, this makes the template usable.




Hi Neeta, can you have this enabled on my account as well? Thank you!


Hi Neeta

Can you please active this for my account?

We really need to show the discount rates when we generate this on the invoice.


Also, we need the unit cost, discount and total price. thanks Neeta


Hi @Neeta,

Please activate this feature for us!



Hi Neeta

Can you please active this for my account?

Been looking for this functionality in TG




Hi Neeta
Can you please active this for my account?


Hi All,

Our technical support team will be activating this feature for your accounts. You will receive an email when it is active. Have a great week!