Shipping should not be a Custom Line line item in Sales Orders


To my knowledge, shipping can only be added to a Sales Order as a custom item. My request is that Shipping live in the Units/Subtotal/Tax/Total section where it belongs.

Why is this feature important?
The current Shipping workaround is incorrect. Also, because TradeGecko requires that the Shipping custom item have Quantity < 0, it’s very confusing when a customer orders 5 items and the invoice says that the order contains 6 items.

Please describe how you would use this feature:
Self explanatory

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
We look unprofessional.


It would cause a problem for us if that was adopted because we have automatic discounts applied to customers and if shipping was a unit cost the discounts would be applied incorrectly to shipping costs. Therefore, if this change is implemented please could you make it optional in the default settings?


Thanks for your response Katie!

Can you explain a little more about your concern? For us, the only way to add shipping to an order is as a custom line item. And TradeGecko currently requires a positive quantity be assigned to all custom line items.

What I propose has more to do with how shipping is presented on an order, not how it interacts with other aspects of an order such as discounts.

I don’t think it makes sense that the only way to add shipping to an order is as a custom line item. That said, to your point, I do think it should be optional since I’m sure many users don’t use TradeGecko to account for shipping on orders.


This would be great for us. The reason is that whe our shipping charges push to Xero, it’s a really difficult workaround to get them reliably push to a different ledger account.

Having our shipping charges and shipping costs in different ledgers means we can get an accurate calculation of how efficient our charges/costs are each year. Because the charges push to the same ledger as our product sales, it’s really labourious to separate them later.


I agree with simon re. ledger account for items.
Ledger should be possible to specify on the product level.
We’re having the need for both shipping and POS material to be on a different ledger than ordinary sold items.


Hey Cje,

Before TradeGecko staff jump in to let you know, you can select ledger account default selection in the settings to default to the variant, the company or the sales channel.

By specifying the default ledger to be specified by the product (let’s say a sales ledger), then setting every company to default to a different ledger (let’s say a shipping ledger). In theory, any specific product will go to the sales ledger, and any custom attributes added to the sales order, will fall back to the company default which will be a shipping ledger.

This is what I am talking about when I say “a difficult workaround” above. For us, we’d have to manually change nearly a thousand contacts to default to a different ledger. Which is too much work for something that is still a workaround at the end of the day.


I didn’t know about that update. Thank you for letting me know!


Shipping cost should go after Subtotal and discounts, just like it does in Quickbooks Online. One step further, Shipping Cost should export to this field in QBO.


+1 We would also like to see shipping (as an option) to sit as part of the subtotal - ie: above the line.