Shipping revenue


I have my TG account sync with my Shopify, is there a way for me to track my Shipping revenue from Shopify Orders on TG?


Hi @elhannsudirman

If you choose to have the Default Sales Ledger by channel, you can split the item revenues and the shipping revenues to separate Xero ledgers. This way the line items go to your default sales ledger and the shipping revenues go to a different sales ledger. This article on the KB should help Hope this helps!


How do I set this up? A shipping charge is sent from Shopify as a line item in the order, “UPS Ground”, for example. However, “UPS Ground”, isn’t a product/variant in Tradegecko where I can select a different ledger account. I created a product/variant called UPS Ground and placed a test order. The line item is still created by Shopify as “UPS Ground”, but it isn’t associated with the “UPS Ground” product/variant I created in Tradegecko.

Available shipping methods in Shopify are also not available in the feed to link to a product/variant.

How do we select a different ledger account for shipping charges in Shopify orders?


Hi @c.hoffman,

What you will need to do is head over to your Settings. Under General Settings, you will see Set Up Default - Default Sales Account on. You should assign it to Sales Channel instead of Variant. Once done, you will be able to assign different ledgers to your Sales Account and Shipping Revenue Account. You can take a look at the article here to help you out.

In any case, I’ll be happy to reach out if you have further questions! :)