Ship Station Multiple Countries




I have a warehouse in the US and in Canada. Shipstation requires us to have a different account in each country. In TradeGecko, I have set up 2 warehouses, US warehouse and CA warehouse.

We have 2 shopify stores, both setup in tradegecko as different channels. Inventory is managed by Tradegecko and US shopify sees US warehouse inventory and CA shopify sees canada warehouse inventory. So far so good.

Now I want that Canada orders are pushed to Canada shipstation and US orders are pushed to US shipstation. Is it possible?


Hi Jamil,

Great to hear from you and thanks for writing in. Absolutely yes, you can push orders to a specific location.

First, take the URL you received when setting up your TG-Shipstation integration. (It should look something like

To filter it to a specific location, you’ll need to go into your TradeGecko account and find that location in the settings section

Then take the number off the end of that URL (i.e. the 4939) and update the URL in your Shipstation account to include it.

The final URL you’ll need to put in your Shipstation account should look something like

This will provide that Shipstation account with a filtered list of orders specifically for that warehouse.
You can then use the same username/password with a different Warehouse ID in the URL for your second Shipstation account.

Hope this helps, in the meantime a member of our customer support team will be reaching out to you, to make sure you get on smoothly.