Serial number tracking for high value items


For most distributors the sale of high value items are linked to extensive requirements from manufactures, specifically the ability to identify an item through the entire supply chain process. This function would also allow us to audit stock out on consignment, avoiding cross contamination of stocks across dealers in an effort to avoid payment. The identification process would also greatly protect returns and warranty claims, allowing us to provide a better service for real claims. Its critical that TradeGecko remains competitive with other cloud base solutions that are or have already introduced this function.


Hi Damien,

Helping our customers with product traceability was one of our primary focuses over the past few months. We’re looking to actually launch a beta with a small group of customers by the end of the month for serial number tracking, would you be interested in participating in it?



Hi Frankie,

Perfect. We look forawrd to be part of the Bata.



Brilliant @damien.blanke,

We will reach out to you with more information later on this month.



@Frankie, I have also signed up for the beta. Please make sure to include us as well. This feature is extremely important for us!


@defendulov, we’ve already got you as part of the list, you’ll be receiving an update later this month!



Frankie - we’re currently evaluating TradeGecko and serial number tracking is our number one requirement - is it possible to also join the beta?




Hi Frankie, any update about this feature?