See inventory 'On Hand' in Sales Orders and 'Incoming' in Purchase Orders


It would be quite helpful to see what’s physically On Hand when viewing Sales Orders and what’s Incoming when building Purchase Orders.

These are two scenarios in which we almost always have to keep two windows open or continuously scan through the “grey variant hover boxes”:

(1) On Hand when deciding whether to pack a Sales Order - why? - because we don’t start packing an order unless we know everything is in stock*

(2) Incoming when building Purchase Orders - why? - because we don’t want to double order for products that are already Incoming.

Our current inventory process is such that our incoming products amount to about 1/3 of our inventory on hand, so it’s usually impossible to know how much to restock or whether an order can be fulfilled based on Available quantities alone.

*Yes, we ship partial orders all the time. But we still have to split the orders up based on what can physically be shipped.
###- - - - Example Sales Order Scenario - - - -

Sales Order Snippet: Can we ship these Golden State Men’s Tees?
I don’t know because the Available is negative for all variants.

**Okay. I'll check what we have on hand in the Inventory > Variants tab** Nice. We can ship these t-shirts... Wait. First I have to manually check whether the Stock On Hand is actually greater than the quantity ordered for each individual Variant. _Side note: Why is this the only place it's called "Stock On Hand" when it's "On Hand" in other places?_
**Alternatively, I can check the "grey variant hover boxes" one by one** Looks like we can ship this variant. Let's check the next one...

Thanks Brian @ Culk


+1 from me.


Agree +1. It is very annoying about the item and stock on hand


+10 from me. TG has almost everything in it and somehow it is not correctly related to show up where and when it is needed…


My business partner just said “Man! They really need to add the ‘on hand’ column to sales orders.” He was getting ready to fulfill an order and was confused as to whether the units were physically in our warehouse.


Absolutely agree ++

The extra “ON HAND” column when building a sales order would be very useful.

Also the Purchase Order system, is a major point of confusion for some people and creates errors.

I quickly sketched a PO display that would be much more useful for us: