Saved Reports


Hi how do I save a report so it shows up on the left panel under “my sales report”? I don’t see a “heart” button like your prompt suggested.


Hi Shelly

You can save reports by selecting the Save to My Reports button on the Intelligence Section. Please refer to the image

Hope this helps.


Hi Neeta- I do not see that button. This is my screenshot, I only have a
save button to save into google drive. Please advise.


Shelly Chen
Benchmarq Trade Ventures


Hi Shelly,

Saving reports can only be done with the Sales Reports and not the other reports. The screenshot you took is from our Legacy Sales Report, which is not something that can be saved at the moment.


Hi Team,

I too would like the option to save any type of report to my reports. Please can you submit a feature request for this? Cheers,