Save Stocktake Progress


Currently, we don’t use the new Stocktake feature because of this flaw which affects us.

If the computer crashes, or runs out of battery, or some idiot hits ctrl+w to close the window or something, the stocktake progress is lost and one must start from scratch. It could take hours to complete a stocktake for us. So that’s a big problem even though it doesn’t happen often.

In addition to taking into account ham-fingered users and crappy warehouse infrastructure, saving the progress of the stocktake every time the input box is filled in would allow us to pause an extensive stocktake overnight and complete in the morning for example. It would greatly improve the flexibility of the feature.


Hi Simon, that is a really good point. Could you share whether you the solo user performing stocktake in TradeGecko or there are other users too? How many products do you usually perform a stocktake on in one go?


Hey Anika,

We have two dedicated warehouse staff show complete our stocktakes weekly.

We usually have just over 4000 items in the warehouse across over 500 SKUs.


Hey Simon,

Thanks a lot for elaborating on your use case. I understand this is a weekly activity for your warehouse staff and do recognise how this feature will render a more convenient workflow for them.

I have gone ahead and shared this with our Product team as we are always looking for ways to improve our product, and although this is not on our immediate roadmap, we appreciate you sharing your feedback.

May I ask what is the current workaround your staff are using to reflect the stocktakes in TradeGecko?



We download an Inventory Detail Report and fill in any stock variance
using Excel before uploading it as a stock adjustment. It’s not ideal on
a mobile device.


We would like to second this. Inventory counts could take a very long time, so it is crucial to be able to save the information. It could also take more than 1 day for us to complete a full inventory count. For this reason we currently do a excel/csv workaround.