Sales Reports Need to Include Tags


I’m not sure why tags seem so inconsistent throughout the software. I can’t bulk edit tags within TG… They also don’t show up in a .csv export so I can’t edit there either… what gives?

Anyway, we use Relationship tags extensively to mark everything from lead acquisition source to special negotiated pricing to industry verticals to which independent sales rep they belong to. Point being, it’s a huge problem that I cannot filter sales reports by tag.

 "How are numbers for Johnny Salesrepguy?"
 "Which vertical is performing better: Gift & Souvenir or Promo Products?"
 "What's our sales volume for the last 6 months in National Parks?"

The answer to all these questions is currently “I don’t know - can’t pull that data from TG…” All because tags are nowhere to be found in Sales Reports.

Please please please fix this!

Tags in reporting

+1000 from me to add tags as sorting option in the intelligence report (and to be able to bulk edit tags or import/export tags)

(I previously had a similar request posted, but TG has, some how, removed og hidden that post from the Feature Request list.)


We would also really like to be able to filter intelligence data by tags. This was possible in the old reports, so it is really strange that it is not possible on the new intelligence platform!



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+1 from us! So long as each Tag gets it’s own column in a csv


Maybe TG should open (or restore) this thread again…?


Let’s go TradeGecko - Tags in the Reports are critical. In addition, please get rid of the limited Dimensions…it’s our information! We should be able to see it without restriction or upgrading.


Yes, the ability to run reports by Tags would be so helpful.


Hi @todd1

Thank you for the valuable feedback, we appreciate that this is an important feature for you. While this is not currently on our short term roadmap, we will keep you informed of any changes made to this functionality.


+1 here as well. Having Tags made available as a searchable-report csv based field would solve many problems.


I’ve been complaining about this for a year. Every time I interact with customer service, they answer with the standard “While this is not currently on our short term roadmap, we will keep you informed of any changes made to this functionality.” Why can’t Tradegecko get to this? Can you answer why other less impactful and way less useful functions are made priority over the reporting features?


Hi @defendulov @michael2 @tyler @kristoffer @todd1 intelligence is one of our focus areas for next year and we are currently doing our planning. I’ve not spoken with most of you before and would like to get the chance to.

Tags is one of the things on our roadmap but we do need more information from you about your use case
Could you help to fill in this form and I will reach out as soon as possible. Thanks!


Hi everyone!

I believe most of you have already subscribed to the beta for filtering by tags.

This will allow you to start answering your business specific questions like, how did my summer sale perform?, or what was my total profit for items sold in a trade show? (as long as you have those tags assigned).

To filter on tags:

  1. Go to an intelligence report
  2. Open the report filters and click on the dimensions dropdown
  3. Select the tag type you want
  4. Fill in the tags you want to filter on

This is where you can see the filters

Adding the tags together in the same box does an AND query on them, while putting them in separate boxes will do an OR. Here is an example.


If you have already tried it out, do share your feedback on how it can be improved!
If you don’t have access, let me know if you are interested.



Hi Lucas,

I do not have access to the new function to create reports filtered with tags.

Can you set up for me?

Kind regards,

Stevan Buckman


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@stevan we have released filtering on tags to all accounts. If you are on the small business plan or higher, you will have access to these columns.