Sales rep visual catalogue


Hi, I’m new to trade gecko and have a shopify store for my retail platform and want trade gecko for my wholesale platform for sales reps to sell to bricks and mortar stores.

The link between shopify and trade gecko is great for inventory and stock control but the viewing platform for the store ‘buyer’ is not great (sorry :) )

I have viewed Feildfolio and used it with a sells rep myself in my own bricks and mortar store. It was large images that could be flicked through or slide sideways off the screen as if you were going through a paper catalogue itself.
Is there a plugin compatable with tradegeko that could give a better designer visual experience as it is crucial in the fashion/jewellery world.
Sorry but buying from a list of text with a small image on the left hand side is not going to encourage sells in a giftstore or fashion boutique environment.
I look forward to hearing from you
Karen :)


Hi Karenatsaltyskies,

Thank you for your feedback. We currently don’y have a Large image view option within our Mobile App and B2B platform. Having said that, every feedback we receive contributes to the refinement of our product and I have passed on your feedback to product team.

Once again thank you for your suggestion and if there is any update, we will let you know :)


We agree with Karenatsaltyskies,

Many of the recent discussions are focused around “Larger Images” whether on the Sales Order or on the mobile App.

It makes huge difference on display, presentation of the inventory item.

Hope to see these improvements soon on Tradegecko !