Sale/Discount Pricing


Description: The ability to enter a sale price for individual products and different currencies.
Why is this feature important? Currently when we have a sale customers cannot see the discount being offered when browsing products and often assume the cheaper price is the standard price.
Please describe how you would use this feature: It would show a ‘was’ price and a ‘sale’ price.
If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business? We think this feature would increase our sales as customers would be able to see how much money they are saving from the original price. Currently they are often not aware that the price is discounted as there is no way for them to know.


Hi Bee,

Thank you for writing in. Is this Discounted price for your B2B business customers to view?


Hi Danny

Yes it is. So they could see what the original price was but also see the reduced price.


Hi Bee,

Let me explain how you can use discounted price on our current B2B.
When you go in to a Relationship and click on edit you will see that there is section where you can input “Default Discount” you can enter numerical number there and it will appear as discounted price. For an example if original price is $10 and you put 20% as your discount the customer will see both $10 (Crossed out) and $8 so that they will know that this price was originated from $10 and that they got 20% discount.


Hi Danny

This doesn’t really help. We have thousands of customers and would have to change this for all of them every time we have a sale.

We need to be able to add a sale price to the specific products for each location. It doesn’t seem an unreasonable request, please could you look in to this?


HI Bee,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Currently we don’t have a feature within B2B which will enable you to choose sales price per location. However I do believe this can be beneficial to many customers who are using B2B. I will escalate this to our B2B product team as a feature request. Thank you so much for the information. We are always looking to make our system better in every way :)


Hi Danny

Is there an ETA on when this feature will be implemented?



I’ve not had response for quite some months. Please could you give me an update / ETA on this?


Hi Bee,

At this point I don’t have any update, however if I have any feasible update or any ETA which I can provide you, I will email you directly :)

Thank you for the follow up!


This would be a great, “Must Have” feature. +1


Could I get an update on this please?


Hi Bee, After discussing with our Product team, this feature request is not in our short-term roadmap. I did highlight the importance of this feature to customers such as your self. I will surely update this post and yourself when there are changes to this feature. Thank you.


Was also looking for custom pricing per product, per customer and not just across the board 20 percent discount - We are not able to offer same discounts on each product…Can’t edit each order to reflect a customers price…seems like a pretty basic request for B2B users.


Can I get an update on this, please? This would significantly increase our sales, and we clearly aren’t the only clients of yours who think this is a must have feature.