Relating variant to pack size in the API


Apologies if there’s a separate group for API work, but I’m developing some custom tools for our shop. One such tool automatically creates purchase orders for items which are sold. We are a small shop in terms of staff, but have thousands of products, and this helps our buyer keep on top of it. She just has to review the draft POs that have been created and send them.

However, some of our products are sold in packs, so I need to relate a sold variant to it’s pack so I can add the pack to the PO. However, in the data that comes back from the API I can’t work out a way of doing this.

We have a set of, say, clarinet reeds, in 5 different sizes. They are sold individually, and each is available in a pack of 10. The GUI relates the individual to the pack, but I can’t see if this is related in the API. Is anyone able to provide some assistance with this?

Knowing that some of the fields are undocumented I have looked at the raw data coming back, not just relied on but still can’t work it out.

Many thanks in advance.


Hi Laura,

Thank you for your explanation; I do understand how automation is key for businesses with a small number of staff. Your Success Manager will be reaching out to you regarding how our API can support your business workflow.