Quickbooks: SKUs as Services in the sync



Per your graph:

“Line Item Variant SKUs” will be entered into QB as Services.


I don’t know if for some reason we were some strange test case that actually had QBO prior to integrating TG, but why not sync so I don’t know…SKUs matched SKUs? Instead of creating entirely new services?

Point is, this is creating invoices that are confusing for the customer. Our QB SKUs had details that are important to our business. We sell lighting, so product name and SKU# isn’t enough. Our notes that are attached to SKUs are important because it lists the details of that product to the customer (Lumens/Watt, if it’s DLC certified/UL Listed, etc) Point is, switching to TG has in ONE DAY of use, created a bookkeeping nightmare, because of what DOESN’T get transferred over.

We have set up everything they way your docs and support people specified. We have made everything accurately, and spent an entire weekend making sure our QB would match what we were entering into TG, including generating individual SKUs for each variant, etc. We wanted this to be a smooth transition. Instead, you make every line item a brand new service, which eliminates all sorts of info from the various fields in QB.


Hi Larry,

Thanks for the feedback here!

As shared in our Knowledge Base article on QuickBooks Online - Integration Setup Guide at the moment we do not sync with QuickBooks’s Inventory Management feature. Therefore at the moment we are unable to match any product detail such as SKU between the two platforms. The current integration is build as such that the invoice sync is possible only when the line item variants are a Service Type.

However that being said I have gone ahead and shared this with our Product team. We are always looking for ways to improve our product and integrations, and although this is not on our immediate roadmap, we appreciate you sharing your feedback.

On another note, you mentioned that your QB SKU has details that make it easier for your customers to understand what is present in the order. Is that the only reason why you prefer to send invocies to your customers from QB rather than from TradeGecko?

In TradeGecko the SKU of the products are pulled into the invoices. You are also able to experiment with the naming of products, variants and other fields to see how we can accomodate the additional information to appear in your invoices. Feel free to share your feedback around this workaround as that would help us understand your need better.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Success Manager further to discuss further improvements to your workflow!



I completely agree with Larry and we did exactly what he described. I’d like to share my enthusiasm for Tradegecko to sync with QuickBooks’s Inventory Management in the very near future.


SAME! We really need this for bookkeeping purposes!