Purchase Order sync


We use TradeGecko with the Xero integration but have always found it difficult to reconcile PO’s in the Xero accounting system due to the fact a PO sync’s to Xero from TradeGecko as a bill and not as a PO.

Does anybody have any suggestions or workarounds for managing PO’s effectively in Xero? What process are you using that works?

Curious if TradeGecko will be updating the Xero integration to allow for a PO to sync as a PO. Ultimately it would seem standard practice in PO handling is that it will ‘merge’ into the final bill instead of becoming the bill.

Looking forward to hear any thoughts from users or TradeGecko on this matter.


That’s interesting, and I had never actually considered that. To be honest, I wasn’t even aware that creating a PO was possible in Xero until I looked into after reading your post. Question, though: what’s the technical difference from an accounting perspective?


Technically the audit trail on a PO that turns into a bill is a nightmare because a bill is a bill. In other words, bills are bills and PO’s are PO’s in an accounting system and they should ‘merge’, as they do native in Xero as opposed to be ‘duplicated’ which cause serious accounting issues.

We typically have to delete either the PO or the actual bill in the accounting system so that we do not double enter the bill. But if the PO was an actual PO, it could merge with the actual bill allowing us a clean audit trail of both without the concern of double accounting.

This is actually been one of the most painful and complex problems we have experienced with TradeGecko and Xero so we hope this can be more thoroughly reviewed and considered for improvement, thanks!


Hi @logan,

Thank you for the thorough feedback. From time-to-time customers have asked about syncing purchase orders from TradeGecko to Xero as a purchase order rather than a bill.

We’ve explored this topic with our accounting partners and a number of customers and have discovered that most of our customers prefer to sync purchase orders as bills as it is most consistent with their workflows.

We genuinely understand the accounting overhead this adds for some of our customers. However, we won’t be making this change in TradeGecko in the foreseeable future.