Purchase Order Layout/Information



  1. Option to use SKU instead of Product Name

  2. More Columns with CLEAR information see Google Spreadsheet Example: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14Y4Vs1t4TVViGZTQjOQii3NXDE-XcGkvg9zi3DCiqx0/edit#gid=1047199071

    a) Column with complete Original Order Quantity of PO viewing
    b) Column with running total of Received Quantity from PO viewing
    c) Column with running total Left To Receive Quantity from PO viewing
    d) Column with In Stock Quantity
    e) Column with In Stock Quantity + To Receive Quantity from PO viewing
    f) Column with In Stock Quantity + To Receive Quantity from ALL PO’s

Why is this feature important?

Clear Information is a corner stone of making good business decisions.

Currently we keep a separate spreadsheet for PO’s because the way TradeGecko displays PO information is not very clear, nor is it useful for quickly seeing what is left to receive and what is total to come from all PO’s.

Our company identifies with our Products by Product # which we have inputted into SKU. The Part Name is used for Product Description since sales orders do not show a product description. Have SKU as a selection choice would make PO print outs much easier to read.

Please describe how you would use this feature:

We would refer to PO’s a lot more to see what we have Ordered, what is coming and what has been received.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?

It would be so much nicer to use the power of TradeGecko as a place to track PO’s

See inventory 'On Hand' in Sales Orders and 'Incoming' in Purchase Orders

Hi @mars,

Thank you for taking the time to provide such detail and context to your request. We are currently investigating how to improve the purchase order flow systematically as a whole and will reach out to you in the coming weeks to discuss what other parts of the workflow could be improved.

Thank you for your feedback and keep an eye out in your inbox for an email from us!

All my best,


This would be great.

We just received a container and just finished wrestling with reconciling all the errors that get inputted into the purchase order.

I believe it is due to the ambiguous UI which confuses people.

We receive multiple shipments from the same purchase order, and some people mistakingly add to the purchase order instead of receiving because they believe the original purchase order is in error due to the non-standard and changing definition of what “QUANTITY” means in the Purchase order.

“QUANTITY” is equal to 3 different definitions depending on where, when and what you are looking at in the Purchase order.

“QUANTITY” can mean, Order Quantity, Incoming Quantity, Received Quantity

It is such a non-standard accounting display as to completely confuse people, due to the “clean & complex” nature of viewing purchase orders.

I realize Simple may look messy, but when it comes to basic accounting practices, it should be adhered to, not just in the back-end, but in the display to the users.

Have a great, un-confused day!