Publish Products to other TG Accounts


Being able to publish products to Shopify is great for 1 company selling as a Wholesale and Retail or via multiple stores.

But we own multiple companies (at both Wholesale & Retail) that need to Sync inventory together.

At the moment we have to either decide on having to split stock between the 2 or keep an eye on stock levels and manually adjust. Neither is ideal and being able to pull from the same stock pool would be a huge benefit.

So for example

Company 1 - Owns Stock & Displays to their customers. Also Publishes to Company 2.
Company 2 - Doesn’t own but displays stock and sells to it’s customers.
Customer of Company 2 - Buys products from Company 2, amending Company 1 stock and receives order/invoice from Company 2.

Meanwhile ‘Company 1’ will have to invoice ‘Company 2’ for the stock sold to ‘Customer of Company 2’


Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate that this is an important feature for you, however it is not on our short-term roadmap. We’ll update this post when there are changes to this feature!