Proforma Invoice


being able to create invoices without affecting stock. e.g. used for prepayment-invoices.
at the moment invoicing is only possible after an order is finalized, which affects (= reserves) stock immediately.

Invoices with Partial payment
Invoices with Partial payment


You can use “Save as Quote” function when creating a Sales Order.


Evgeny / Product Manager.


at least in germany, there is legal differences between quotes and proforma-invoices in terms of liabilities on our side and the bying/selling contract being closed/agreed upon by both parties.
some of our clients cannot send money without receiving an invoice for legal/bookkeeping reasons first.


Hi, Tarek,

An overwhelming majority of our customers are not subject to the EU regulations and have no problems with using “Save as Quote” feature in lieu of a proforma invoice. We, therefore, have no immediate plans to change that functionality.




got it! thanks anyways.

one thing that is still missing with your “quotes”-approach though: being able to collect payments up front and being able to mark those as paid without finishing an order (read: affecting stock levels).



Could you elaborate “Save as Quote” feature? Tried finding in Knowledge Base but turning up nothing.


Hi Kim,

When you create a Sales Order (Sales Order>>New Sales Order) it will be in the Draft stage, at this point you can either “Save as Quote” or “Create”. If you choose to save as quote you can then email the quote. Once you have finalised the quote, select Approve Order. I have attached Screenshots showing you the “Save as Quote” button and what the quote would look like. Hope this helps.


Would be great to have feature @ the Sales Order step to create and send Pro-forma invoices to customers (an additional form in addition to sales orders). Many customers require a document that says “Pro-forma Invoice” in addition to Sales Order to make payments in advance. It uses basically the same information already available. So an additional button that says “Create Proforma Invoice” to create one would be great.

*We cannot issue invoice until after order is packed and ready to ship.



Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll look into this.


Hi all,

I am also in EU and face the same challenge with pro-forma invoices. What I did is the following:

In the templates I changed the header of the document from “Sales Quote” to “Proforma Invoice”.
Then I added my payment details in the notes.

Now, when I click the Save as Quote button I actually generate a proper PI with all company details, which can be used for transactions and etc.

Hope this helps!


nifty little workaround for now :)
you’re losing your “quote” document however - which is something we need to keep as well.
plus, unfortunately you cannot mark payments as received with your workaround…


True that I am losing the quote as is, but I am not using it, because it is very limited. The products that I am selling have huge descriptions, which are not suitable for such simple quote. Furthermore we also install the products and since tradegecko only offers inventory management I cannot use it fully for quotes - the installation is a service, not a product.

About the payments - when I receive the payment I mark the sales order as finalized and issue partial or full payment invoice, with or without shipping the products. Good enough for me, because the stock is marked as committed as soon as I finalize the order after receiving the payment.


cool! thanks for your insights! pretty clever indeed. will check if your workaround could do it for us until TG comes around with PIs. cheers!


Hi. Evgeny,
I am in the international trading business for more than 30 years. I think it’s much common to use the term “PROFORMA INVOICE” instead of “SALES ORDER” in international trade. I mean the idea of both PROFORMA INVOICE and SALE ORDER are almost the same. So maybe you can add a function for users to select the header of SALE ORDER or PROFORMA INVOICE. I think this is the easiest way to solve the problem!


Hi Eric,
Luckily, that functionality currently exists.
If you go to the Identity & Branding settings
You can change the ‘PDF title’ for any of your documents.


Hi, Bradley,
Thank you for your suggested solution. It works! I changed the header of SALES ORDER TO PROFORMA INVOICE. Looks great!

However, I realized that the right side of the document is still showing “order no.:”. Is there any way to change it to "Proforma Invoice No.: " or just “No.:”???

Best regards,


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We have invoices which need to be paid 50% upon ordering and 50% upon delivery. The time between each payment could be 2-4 months.
This is not available today, but has been advised to add an “deposit” order line which we invoice, add payment and later delete, before order is fulfilled. Which is a workaround.
But it would have been nice to see a feature where we can manually issue a partial invoice on a selected amount or percentage of the total/remaining amount.

Why is this feature important?
Life is easier w/o workarounds.

Please describe how you would use this feature:
When we have orders which need to be paid partially.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
We need to use a workaround.


Great. This is an absolute requirement for us in New Zealand too. The main problem for us is that a ‘quote’ cannot be tracked in Xero and reported on as being paid so it is not a solution.