Printing Stock Adjustments


Could you please look at adding a print option on Stock Adjustments. Unfortunately using a screen print is not a viable option as often the SA number is masked.


Hi @ken,

Sorry for the delayed response. Printing Stock Adjustments is a request we’ve heard here and there, but unfortunately it’s not in our list of priorities in the near future.

Just to understand the request better, is it simply to be able to have a paper trail of stock changes, or is there another purpose for the printed document?



Hi Frankie,

Yes it is about having a paper trail of the stock movement for both originating and receiving parties.



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Thank you for the reply @ken, we’ll see if this request gathers steam but it is unlikely that we can work on this request in the next 3 months given our current roadmap commitments.



We also need this feature.



We also need that feature.
Why it is important?

Because your system does not support conversion.

Any return from previous invoice need to address and we will have to print out something for our customer.