Printing Price Labels


Trade Gecko doesn’t have a function which allows labels to be printed. Say I wanted a print a price label, or a bin label to stick on overstock boxes, how could I do that?

I have contacted DYMO printers with no help.
I see woocommerce has a plug in called DYMO print product, but that solution won’t work as it’s too slow navigating the back end and there are too many potential hazards that could take place within the product page.

How is everyone else creating labels without having to enter in all the required information into a separate system for each label?


shopify’s bar code printer.

but yes, +1 from us. it’s a core feature missing in TG.

vend offers this feature going together with your POs - so you can print all labels needed from a PO you created.


Wanted to sign up for Trade Gecko …product looks great but it won’t print bar codes for my products…how could they possibly not offer the ability to do barcode labels for your products.The rep told me the label is on most products why would you need the feature…wake up trade gecko.


Has anyone found a solution for printing product identification labels and or bin labels from Trade GEcko?
I have contacted support for direction and all they can say is
"TG has no features that can assist you with printing labels, UPC codes or any identification labels for your Inventory"

All suggestions and direction welcomed please.