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We use TradeGecko for all our picking and packing. We dispatch orders in our own delivery vans, on pallets and through a courier. Although there are other warehouse management applications which do this, and big integrations like Shopify to help us do this, TradeGecko almost does everything anyway. So it seems unlikely that we should need to invest in an enormous new system to improve accuracy.

I’d like to suggest a warehouse app. To count goods onto shipments, tick them off on a small screen, then submit them so that they are packed as a shipement on the sales order. And then to select packed shipments, and mark them shipped.

At the moment we print off packing slips, and tick them with a pen, then sit down at a desk to mark them shipped. It’s clunky and very 20th century.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for writing in! We do understand the importance of having an app that will ease your packing process. Have you gotten a chance to take a look at our Pick Pack App? The app aims to help our customers with the pick and pack process for Shopify orders.

Nonetheless, we do understand the value of a Pick Pack App for our customers who are creating manual orders in TradeGecko. I will be submitting this feedback to the team and although it is not in our short term roadmap, I will be reaching out to you if I have any updates on my end :)


Thanks Ezzati. I have had a look at the Pick Pack App for Shopify yes.
But because it’s geared towards having a Shopify account, and shipping
with third parties, it means we would over-complicate other processes in
order to simplify the pick/pack process.

Is it possible as a shorter term solution to consider a built-in
integration with something like DeTrack
I can see that it’s possible to use the 3PL exporter to manually
integrate a service like that. But the manual management process could
easily be a full time position for someone when we have multiple
different internal and external shipping methods.

I feel like an automatic sync of DeTrack-jobs based on shipments packed
in Gecko with a specific ‘ship method’ might be an efficient solution
for userswho don’t use Shopify.


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Hi Ezzati

We would like to have the function for pick & pack app.

Why it is important? I assume that if you can run the Pick Pack APP for Shopify, it should not be too hard for you to do the one for the warehouse.


+1 We would like a Pick Pack APP for Wholesale orders