PDF File attachment for invoices


Would be good to see an option added for including a PDF attachment to the invoice email. Have had a number of invoice links fail to open thus including a PDF as an actual attachment to the email would offset this issue


We have several customers who requires this so we have to download and email invoices manually. Please add this function asap TG team!


Agreed - This would be SO helpful. Please include a PDF file attachment to invoice emails!

ps Please see my post “Scheduled / Automated Email Reminders for Upcoming / Past Due Invoices” as this may also be relevant to you ;)


A link to the order doesn’t work for us too. The email that is being sent to the customers should only contain a PDF document and no links to the order. This way you actually have a document. The problem is that if somebody of my employees makes a change to the order status for example, before the customer has opened the link and downloaded the PDF, the link leads you to the new order status. Here is an example from yesterday:

Since we are in the EU we often have to issue proforma invoices, which allow our customers to pay in advance for the goods. TG does not have a feature for creating proforma invoices and therefore I made a little workaround, by simply changing the Sales Quote name in templates to Proforma Invoice. However, yesterday I had to send a proforma to the customer and immediately ship the goods. What happened is that I emailed the proforma, while the order was saved as quote and then approved it in order to ship the goods. The customer opened the email with topic “Proforma Invoice” and saw a “Sales Order” in the link inside.

I had to delete everything and restart the process.


Yes! - TG, increasingly customers are automating their accounts receivable…come on you guys should be ahead of this game! have an option to send link or as an attachment…DEAR Systems does this already!!!



We’re also in huge need of this.
Sending invoice by email have to contain a physical invoice as attachement (with the same argumets as the others above are using).

TG what is your time line on this?

Pls do also review my suggestion below, which is a way to make TG even more automatic and intuitive when sending invoices by email:


yep agreed this would be very useful. Our customers on automated accounting software miss our invoices as they’re not attached. Any word on including this TG?