Partial Shipments via ShipStation please



We need to be able to manage partial shipments via the ShipStation integration.

Why is this feature important?
A substantial portion of our wholesale orders involve multiple shipments. Because TradeGecko does not currently offer partial shipments via the ShipStation integration, we have to do the following:

  1. clone the order for each shipment
  2. remove the excess products from each shipment
  3. create a mess of invoices and packing slips that have no relation in TradeGecko other than the Order ID naming convention that we use to indicate that the two orders are actually two shipments for one order

Please describe how you would use this feature:
We’d be able to track and view individual orders with multiple shipments for what they are. This is a critical piece of our regular operation. Right now, we are forced to track and view individual orders with multiple shipments as MULTIPLE orders with ONE shipment each.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
We’ll continue to do unnecessary busy work, operate under an increased risk of human error, and send confusing invoices and packing slips to our wholesale customers.

The time wasted means less time for marketing and business development, and the increase error rate and confusing invoices and packing slips increases the risk of unhappy customers / lost business.

Has anyone successfully integrated with ShipStation?

A few more thoughts / notes…


Current flow

  1. order finalized in TG > order created in ShipStation with all items
  2. order shipped in ShipStation > order marked as packed & shipped in TradeGecko.

Desired flow

  1. order finalized in TG
  2. order marked as packed (partial or complete) in ShipStation > shipment created as new order in ShipStation containing only the items associated with the new shipment
  3. order shipped in ShipStation > shipment marked as shipped in TradeGecko
    — 3a. IF shipment contained the complete order, the order is marked as fulfilled.
    — 3b. ELSE IF shipment only contained part of the complete order, the order is marked as partially fulfilled and the remaining items can later be packed for shipment (repeat flow from step 2 until order is completely fulfilled)

The “shipping” line item on orders would a lot of work for any of this to actually meet our needs.


The current integration is flawed in that shipments are linked at the order level instead of shipment level. If ShipStation shipments were linked to individual TradeGecko shipments, it would be more intuitive from a UX standpoint and would also presumably make it easier for TradeGecko to build partial shipment functionality into the integration.

ShipStation has pretty straightforward instructions on how to split up orders:

All they seem to do is duplicate the order, add suffixes to the order number to indicate each shipment, and let the user divvy up the quantities.

I imagine a technical hurdle is splitting orders via the API and transitioning from an order-level to a shipment-level integration — i.e. recognizing the ‘-1’ ‘-2’ etc suffixes that ShipStation adds to split orders and matching these to individual shipments on TradeGecko.

That said, directly matching TradeGecko shipments to ShipStation orders would presumably eliminate the need for split order functionality altogether, since all of the splitting would be happening on the TradeGecko side and only the packed shipments would be sent to ShipStation.

Has anyone successfully integrated with ShipStation?

This is also a major pain point for us — precisely as Brian has described it above. To make matters even more complicated, the splitting of orders within ShipStation creates complications when reporting back to TG and results in inventory not being properly debited after shipment.


Thanks for chiming in Ryan. To your point about inventory debits, we’re now moving towards a workflow where we clone/split the orders in TradeGecko and rename similarly to how they would be if we split in ShipStation. This should give us a 1:1 sync btw ShipStation and TradeGecko since there will only be one TradeGecko “order” per shipment.

We’re just ignoring the fact that TradeGecko has a multi-shipment feature since it is beyond useless to the integration. Took us several months to realize that part of the interface was simply a distraction.


We’re essentially doing the same. From an order processing perspective, this is a TIME KILLER, but it results in us having more reliable communication between ShipStation and TradeGecko, which keeps up the integrity of our inventory count.

Unfortunately - using this workaround creates a problem for many of our customers. It’s not uncommon in our course of business to receive a large customer order with an associated PO# and then ship that order out over the course of a few days or weeks out of our two warehouses. Given the current limitations discussed above, we need create several TradeGecko Orders and each time we clone the order for the purposes of splitting it out, we have to remember to manually copy in the customer PO# - otherwise there will be nothing to reference.

Let’s say in just one of those “splits” we fail to copy in the PO# - on the receiving side, AP doesn’t want to pay the invoice because there’s no PO to reference. When they ask us to research, we’re often unable to find to originating PO, because we process thousands of orders and by the time this gets to AP, several weeks have usually elapsed.

So this one is tricky - it seems like a relatively minor or specific complaint, but there are actually lots of knock-on effects the way this is currently handled.


Thanks for sharing your workflow and pain points. We are a muuuuuch smaller business but deal with similar workaround / customer service issues.

All that is to affirm that this seemingly minor complaint has lots of knock-on effects whether you’re shipping dozens or thousands of POs per month.