New App for production - Pack/Shipping on iOS/Android



Hey Guys!

Our production team work off an iPad and currently filter orders between Active and Finalised to see what orders need packing. This works fine, but as we grow, it would be awesome to intergrate that into pack/ship tabs.

Absolutely love TradeGeko, but as we grow, we feel this could be an issue.

It would be great to hear other views on this :)

Thanks guys!


Hey Scott,

Thanks for reaching out!

We are pleased to hear that we were able to make a difference in your inventory management experience and appreciate your sharing with us possible challenges you foresee as you scale your business with us.

TradeGecko mobile app is designed mostly for the use of Sales representative to take orders on the go. Thus you will experience restrictions if you try to use it for order fulfilment purposes. That being said could you share the end-to-end process of how the production team manages the process of packing? In that way we are at a better position to determine if we are able to add it as a feature in the app and also advise you better on how you can optimise the process with our existing tools.



Hey Anika!

Thank you so much for your reply :)

So, we use the IOS app for order processing, filtering Active orders to see which need to be packed and then Finalise them to lose them from the list.

If we had the ability to “Pack” and “Ship” and add tracking info on the app too, that would be absolutely insane!

It works really well having a paperless system, but it currently has its limitations when we need to send a pro-forma invoice for example as production only see the active orders.

I hope you guys can help :)

All the best