Need Customer Notes to appear and print out on Sales Order


We really need the instructions we fill out in the NOTES section of our customer’s profile page to automatically appear on every Sales Order that is submitted/created by that customer.



I agree


Yep… +1

We use Notes to capture special shipping instructions and unique information about an account. But the information is BURIED and my team always has to remember to check the notes tab to make sure nothing is overlooked when they’re completing an order. So they have to got into Trade Gecko, pull up the account, and THEN click on the Notes tab. Notes shouldn’t be something that we have to dig for… kinda defeats the purpose.

I was about to make a new request about just moving any notes up into all of the information that is automatically shown when you load an account, but having the option to print those notes on the Sales Order would be even better.


+1 - This is so important for B2B…90% of our retailer customers have their own shipping accounts they want to use. Please add these fields to the Sales Orders / Shipments soon! Also, this information should sync with Shipstation.

-Shipping Method
-Account No.


+1 Would also love to see an extra “Customizable Field” in the Sales Order that can be configured as we wish.