Need Credit Memo Feature


Hi there,
I noticed other people have asked for this as well, but need to put my 2 cents in. You NEED to have a credit memo feature for wholesale/B2B relationships to work properly.

We have many wholesale customers with credit memos to be applied to their future orders. Putting a note in their customer profile simply isn’t enough.

We should be able to:

  1. Create a credit memo manually (not just from an order)
  2. Make it so it is able to be applied to a future order from that customer.

This is imperative to our business.
Thank You.


Completely agree with this! It is an absolute must. It makes such a mess of our accounts not having this function. Particularly when you have a large number of wholesale customers.

When will this function be added?

Again, this is imperative to our business.



I couldn’t agree more! This is a function that needs to be added!