Multi Language Plugin for WooCommerce that allows integration with TG


Hi all,
I have a business in Canada and we just launched a new website with the woocommerce shopping cart. I work with TG on our US site and webstore, but in Canada I am running into a little issue.
As you know Canada is bilingual. I have tried setting up a few plugins in Wordpress but so far nothing worked. At first we tried setting up Polylang but this was creating duplicates which were not feeding properly to TG because it would give the error - “SKU already exists”. Then we built a another site (for French) and installed a 2nd sales channel in TG, but because the “Product name” was in french when we tested the integration, all the products names kept changing on both platforms. I asked TG if the integration could only be at SKU level not at SKU+NAME. But they said it was not possible due to API limitations.
This is an international platform so I am assuming that someone has a store somewhere that requires multi-language. Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

Best regards,