More Attributes Needed in Zapier



Is it possible to make more attributes available to Zapier? We’d like to automate parsing orders and build daily roast orders for our coffee roastery.

We’re able to see something called “Order Order Line Item Ids,” the integer value it gives doesn’t translate to anything useful for us. We’d need to be able to leverage Line Item Quantity, Line Item Variant SKU, and Line Item Variant Name.


I second this request (and have made it before myself here.)

It’s super-frustrating to only be able to access the summary information of orders in Zapier and not the “meat” of the order itself ie. all the line item detail.


Looks like it’ll be possible to retrieve that info by making a request to the TG API since we have access to things like the Line Item IDs. This of course means you’d have to buy into the subscription tier that grants access to the API.