Merge Sales Orders


Merging two sales orders into one or even just copying the item list from one to another ans a more basic solution would be a really useful feature.

This feature would really help us when a customer makes two orders, and then wants to combine them later. It would mean voiding one order, and merging it into another. Which we do manually at the moment. There’s a few other times it would help too. I’m surprised no one else has requested this feature actually.


+1 from me


I totally agree with Simon. It happens a lot in our company that clients make multiple orders (as they see new items coming into the webstore) and it sucks that I have to manually merge them later.


Hey Simon,

Thanks for the feedback here! We can definitely appreciate how merging Sales Orders can help speed up your workflow.

I have gone ahead and shared this with our Product team. We are always looking for ways to improve our product, and although this is not on our immediate roadmap, we appreciate you sharing your feedback.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Success Manager further to discuss further improvements to your workflow!



A related capability that would be tremendously helpful would be the ability to split and existing sales order into two (or more) sales orders.


@EmilyYes, please look into doing both. I have to manually combine or split orders for customers on an almost daily basis. Thanks.