Merge Product into Variance


Dear TG,
Can you merge 2x Products into a Variance??
We have just imported our main inventory database and are now finding products which could have been listed together.
i.e Same Product but with Colour Variance

Is there some way we can merge these into the one?
Kind Regards, Aaron


Having said that, it would also be beneficial to be able to split variances back out into Products.


Hi Hotapple,

Each product comes with its own historical MAC, history between sales orders, purchase orders etc, and even its own settings therefore merging 2 products will skew the data which will then no longer be accurate. It is also not usually an Inventory Management best practice to merge products together which is why we have not considered building something like this.

I understand though that in cases like yours when a error has been made with the product upload that this could be helpful and we will take your issue into consideration.


Hi Priscilla

The MAC is calculated on the variant, not on the product, and therefore your logic is flawed. Currently it is possible to create products that are identical in their naming , description, and all other product level variables, although each with their own variants. In this case , it should be possible to merge the products into one which would then hold the variants from both. Since the MAC is defined at the variant level this will present no barrier.

Alternatively you might be able to move a variant between products, whereupon one could empty a product of variants and then delete the serial for the unwanted product.


Just checking in to clarify: we are in a similar situation except that we are simply transitioning how our product line is presented on Shopify and organized within TradeGecko.

We sell clothing, and so far the only Variant Option has been Size. Now we are adding Color as a new Option, and we are exploring ways to consolidate existing products which are only distinguished by Color.

@Priscilla, just to confirm your earlier response, is it not possible to consolidate Variants in a way that preserves their Sales History in TradeGecko?

From our perspective, we are only interested in preserving Sales History, MAC, etc at the Variant level. I don’t see why moving Variants from one Product to another should require a deletion & recreation of each Variant and a reset of the associated sales data.


Hi Brian,

Glad you asked! We have actually built a little functionality for you to move a variant/s from 1 product to another. To do this, click on a product, check on the variants that need to be moved and you will see a little button at the top called Bulk Actions. When you click on that, you will see the option to ‘Move to another Product’.

Hope this helps!


Hi Priscilla,
This is great. Can you choose to move it to New Product (there for create the new product during the move)??
Kind Regards,


Hi Aaron,

We can definitely see how that would be a useful feature to have. We are looking at ways to improve this functionality and will be sure to include this suggestion. However, at this time, you can only move the variants to an existing product.



Hi Hotapple,

We do not have this ability at the moment and you will need to create the new product before moving the variants.


Thanks @Priscilla! This is exactly what I was looking for.