Merge duplicated customers in Relationship


Description: Introduce a feature to easily merge duplicated customers in Relationship when each customer (the same person) is linked to some sales orders

Why is this feature important?
There are some duplicated customers in Relationship and we would like to clean the Relationship database

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
It it an important feature, currently we are confused about which customer we should invoice. And we need to manually clean the data via spreadsheet every time we want to email our customers.


Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate that this is an important feature for you, however it is not on our short-term roadmap. We’ll update this post when there are changes to this feature!


Hi any updates on adding this feature, or existing ways to merge customers? We have a problem this could also solve. We input customers into Tradegecko to send quotes for products, those customers then register on our Ecommerce website to purchase those quoted products. Tradegecko then syncs to the Shopify Ecommerce platform and creates a duplicate customer based on that order.


Please note that this is standard functionality in Xero and in CRM applications, such as Insightly CRM.