Maximum order quantities in B2B



Description: Adding a maximum order qty for product variants in B2B
Why is this feature important? There already exists a minimum order qty, which is very helpful. When there is limited stock, or variants, it would be helpful to be able to cap what a customer can order. When we release new items, they are very popular and often sell out before all our customers have a chance to order them and before we are able to re-stock. Our demand is larger than our supply in many of our artisanal items.
Please describe how you would use this feature: When we know we will only have limited qty’s of a specific product or variant for a certain amount of time, we will cap the qty of the item per order.
If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business? We will spend more time creating and sending email notifications directly to our customers know that 1) we are putting a max qty on items 2) why we have to do this 3) notifying customers of edits to their orders because they missed the notification email or didn’t read it