Mark Negative Value Invoices as "paid"


right now, this is not possible. all negative valued invoices stay “unpaid” whatsoever


Hi make-limited, would you mind expanding on how negative invoices are used in your organization?


hi graham,

the return feature (with automated CN-creation) has solved some of our problems here. we decorate textiles, so sometimes we have billed the entire order (for prepayment purposes) and then had to deduct the destroyed thus underdelivered items. we do this now using returns.

our second use case, where we do not have any solution yet - except having negative invoices that we cannot get markes as paid, thus disappear from the dashboard panels: we pay out commissions/royalties quarterly. i’d like to have those expenses reflected in our reports, so that is why we issue those credit notes in TG.

TG allows us to issue those negative invoices - they cannot be tagged as paid which keeps them in the dashboard as unpaid (and thus they do not reflect in the reports?).



Hi Tarek,

Would you mind elaborating why you chose to track commissions and royalties in an inventory management system, such as TradeGecko, instead of tracking those in an accounting system which was specifically designed to solve problems like this?

I’m asking this because it seems like this particular use case stretches well beyond the required functionality of any Inventory and Order Management system.


hi evgeny,

thanks for your feedback. we do NOT track commissions or royalties within TG obviously - of course we need external software for this… so yes, i agree that this is well beyond what an inventory/order management software should be capable of.

this isn’t what my post asks for however - i ask for the ability to mark negative invoice values as “paid” in TG - nothing more, nothing less. i don’t think this feature is out of space ;) actually i think this is a real basic feature request.
is there a specific (technical) reason why this isn’t possible at the moment in TG?


this post:
is basically asking for the same feature.

we have a case currently, where i’d like to give a post-sale 50% discount on products with defects that were spotted after the sale was done. i can issue a return for those products of course, which doesn’t allow only 50% payback as i recall. plus, it would mess up our stock quantitites - since these items aren’t really returned (or sellable again)


We have some very good customers, they buy from us monthly basis and pay us whenever they can. After a year, the return all the damaged goods all at once. As of now Tradegecko only allow returns goods of one particular invoice at once which can take a lot of time if there are 100s of invoices of one customer.


+1 from me too. I agree with you and your request is similar to ours


i can see us needing this feature as well. this is related to my post in some way:


We’re delivering many shipments of products to each customer (retailers) during a year.
Sometimes we take products in return to get more space for new products, sometimes we get products in return due to quality issues, some customers have an agreement of return after the season ends, etc.

Today we have to make many Credit notes for one return as we have to find the returned items in different shipments to match up the total amount of returned items. This is of course not acceptable for the customer.

The solution is to make INV with negative values which are not accepted by Xero and has to be recorded manually. This is of course not acceptable for the accounting department but has to be selected out of two evils.

TG have to make it possible to make a CN w/o making a return.


We miss this feature as well…


+1 here


Any reason for merging my post with this post?

Mark Negative Value Invoices as “paid”

is not what I asked for and differ from my post

Making Credit Notes w/o returns

I suggest that you either rename the subject of this request, or re-open my original request:


i guess they did it, because the solution could be the same?
if they allow for standalone credit notes like you’d like to have - it would solve my core problem as well (which is giving a credit note to a customer). we use invoices with negative value only as a workaround at the moment…


I agree this is a problem. If we take a return on a product and create a Credit Note, there is no way to say that we have repaid the customer. This is a basic functionality that is definitely missing and needs to be addressed.

Also there are times when a credit note is needed when there is no return involved. E.G. if a product is damaged and a small refund is enough to make the customer happy. At the moment it is only possible to create a CN by entering a return from an existing Invoice. Stand alone CN’s that can be marked as repaid are definitely needed.


Any updated time frame for this request?


This is off topic to the initial question, but since my request was merged into this I stick to this thread.

Making a credit note is something we have to expect to be kind of a core functionality in a logistic system, and it’s still missing in TG in the sense of not making a return on a shipment.
So, any updates to this request?

I also suggest that you reopen my earlier request, “Making credit notes w/o returns”, which was, for some unknown reason, closed/made unavailable: