Make Xero accounting Sales Channel mapping available for ALL sales channels integrations


We have 3 Magento sales channels (necessitated by TG because we can’t have one sales channel taking multiple currencies apparently) and 2 Amazon Sales Channels - Amazon NA and Amazon EU. However, when you try to set up the Xero integration you can only map from one of each type of integration to one Xero account e.g. Magento - 001 Sales UK or e.g.2 Amazon NA - 002 Sales US.
We need to have each ‘store’ available for the mapping which would then look like this…
Magento UK - 001 Sales UK
Magento USA - 002 Sales USA
Magento China - 003 Sales Asia
Amazon NA - 002 Sales USA
Amazon EU - 001 Sales UK
The current Xero integration set up is completely unworkable as we would then have to go into Xero and move every web sale into the correct account which would take ages as we have a huge volume of transactions. Please help!


Hello Katie!

At this moment, our Xero integration will only allow you to assign separate ledgers for different sales channels, what this means is that you can assign Magento sales channels into a Ledger Account A and Amazon sales channel into Ledger Account B. We have an article here that outlines this.
Having said that, I understand what you require to do and will be taking your feedback as a feature request to improve our Xero integration.


I want to reopen this discussion because I can’t understand how this isn’t a bigger issue for you guys to sort out. For example, Amazon NA and Amazon UK integrations require completely different tax treatments etc and the only way to do this is for me to be able to map them to different accounts in Xero with the correct tax treatment for NA and UK.
Can you escalate this and see if you can ask developers to have the Sales Channels in the Xero integration actually match the sales channel set up in TG i.e. you have to have 2 channels, 1 for US and 1 for UK.


Hello i have just started using Tradegecko (still under trial) I was just in the process of setting up the xero intergration and cant see why you cant have 2 shopify sales channels pointing at seperate ledger accounts in Xero. I have 1 store in New Zealand my country and 1 For australian customers. Both using different tax rates. If you are going to charge me for 2 shopify stores as 2 sales channels id imagine it would be treated as such when intergrating with xero?


I have the same problem with the integration but with Magento. It’s crazy but you can only chose one ledger for one channel type integration.

The tax type should be automatically taken from your Shopify transaction and only overridden if it’s empty and they recommend that you use Tracking Categories to differentiate the country specific sales for analysis in Xero. Definitely not a good solution for quick P&L analysis but we’ve had to go with it.