Make stock transfer commit the stock



As of today, when creating a stock transfer, I’ve realized that the behaviour is super super strange. For instance, let’s say that we have two locations : A and B.

Location A having an inventory of 20 for a product and location B an inventory of 10.

When I do a stock transfer of 5 units from location A to B, I would expect TradeGecko to have this:

  • On hand: 20, committed: 5, available: 15

However, it appears that what TradeGecko does is:

  • On hand: 20, committed: 0, available: 20

I don’t understand the use case of this. This basically means that during the packing and shipping of the transfer (which can take days, weeks or even months), the first location still has “20” on hand. This is especially problematic when the first location (origin location) is mapped to an e-commerce store (such as Shopfiy) and therefore sync this quantity with the Shopify store.

In this specific case, this means that until the stock transfer is accepted (for in-country transfer, a matter of days), more orders can be done on Shopify than what is actually available.

I would suggest to add a new “commit items” option (and maybe checked by default in the UI, as I can’t reallly find a use case of the current behaviour :p) that would commit items instead of doing nothing.



Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate that this is an important feature for you, however it is not on our short-term roadmap. We’ll update this post when there are changes to this feature!