Make it possible to add landed cost after goods has been received


When products are bought the goods and other costs arrive at different stages.
As an example; shipping invoices normally arrive 1-3 weeks after the goods has arrived.
As it’s not possible to add landed costs after the goods has been received, they appear as “not received”.
This is not workable in a day to day business for several reasons.
So, we need you to make it possible to receive the goods while we’re waiting for all the landed costs to arrive from subcontractors.

Why is this feature important?
Goods which are in stock is not registered as “in stock” in TG. It messes up the order basis data in TG. When you receive goods on a weekly basis from one supplier it really messes up our logistic data.
We have to keep documents for many weeks instead of archiving them. Which again makes them vulnerable for disappearing.
PO’s which are on hold can be “forgotten” while we’re waiting for all the landed costs to arrive. When it “reappear” it takes time to find alle the correct data.
and so on…

Please describe how you would use this feature:
Register goods received in TG as they arrive.
Add landed costs as the additional invoices from the sub contractors arrive.
Finalise the PO when all costs has been added.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
Force us to use a secondary system for ordering. As TG data doesn’t give a correct pictures of what we have in stock. It makes it impossible to rely on TG data.
Makes it necessary to establish and maintain an extra manual archive.
Makes us more vulnerable for human mistakes.


I would certainly appreciate this feature as well - we have the same issue where we often don’t get the 3rd party shipping bills until several days after the products have arrived, and we need to receive them in so we can begin to sell them as in stock items. Today we typically estimate the costs and then have to do manual adjustments on the accounting side to reconcile which is quite a pain.


We would really value this also.


This is very important! Keeping control of costs are very challenging with the current setup.


This is also very important for our business