Make an existing product or variant into a composite


We’re evaluating TradeGecko at the moment and so far it’s working really well for us. We have a specific requirement, which is essential to our inventory management though: Many of our products are ‘kits’ or composites, assembled from other products in the catalogue.

Your ‘composite variants’ should work (although not all our composites are necessarily variants), BUT I can’t find a way to change a variant imported from our Woocommerce channel into a composite variant retrospectively. It seems that one can only create a new composite variant in TradeGecko. Is that correct?

Thank you.

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Hi there! Great to hear you are considering TradeGecko. Yes, you are correct. To correctly create a “kit” you would either create a “pack size” for a kit of a package of all of the same product or a composite variant for a “kit” made up of multiple products.

You can create a composite variant on the product level. You can read more in our support article here:

Our team can also create a CSV import of the composite variants or “kits” in bulk into TradeGecko. All we would need is the Parent SKU, Child SKU and Quantity. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions!


Hi Emily, thank you for your response.

Yes, I have tried creating a composite variant and that worked fine. It’s just the list of variants that have already been synced from Woocommerce, which need to be turned into composites. I could do this via a CSV import, but that kind of bypasses the integration with Woo, doesn’t it? Also, what happens with all those already synced products/variants? Do we have to delete them prior to importing a CSV with the composites?


Hi Wolf,

Apologies for the delay here! In order to properly track accurate inventory levels, the composite variants must be entered into TradeGecko in order to accurately pull from the inventory level of certain products/variants. You do not have to delete the already synched products and variants, you can do a bulk composite upload that will allow you to match the current products/variants you have from Woo in TradeGecko.

Hope this helps!


hi emily, we are currently using TG with shopify. “kitting” aka creating composite variants is one of our biggest pains at the moment. could you elaborate “bulk composite upload” for me please? does this mean we can convert already existing variants into composite variants within TG? thanks!


Hi Tarek,
I’m the original poster of this question. We don’t use TG currently but I’m still subscribed to this thread. I’m sure Emily will reply to you, but just to let you know: I spoke to TG at length about this and essentially you can “convert” existing products in a slightly convoluted way.
You need to export the products to a CSV file in a format that TG will provide you with, then edit the product data, adding their components, then upload that file and match the edited products to the ones you already have. That way they get overwritten with the new composite product data and you’re done.
I’ve even been offered to send the edited data file back to the TG team who will import it for me. This should work fine, but from then on you have to create new kits in TG.


hi wolf, thanks for your reply! sounds like the bulk upload option is a one time only solution. i was hoping to find a more convenient fix to creating composites within TG. we are currently taking the load road by manually creating duplicate, composited variants on top of the normal existing ones. surely not happy about this workaround…
what system are you guys using now?