Magento Sync (Complete Orders)


When an order is fulfilled in TradeGecko, shouldn’t that information be sent to magento to set the order complete on the magento side? otherwise we would need to be managning the order in two places which sort of defeats the purpose of having a central order system like tradegecko.

Testing out the integration it doesn’t seem to be syncing that way which seems backward to me. So if someone could chime in and let me know how this should work it would be appreciated.


Hi sbarr,

Thank you for writing in! currently with Magento integration we do not send fulfilment status to Magento.
You mentioned managing the order in both TradeGecko and Magento, does that mean you have a 3rd party (Logistics) connected to Magento? The best practice would be to consider Magento as a Sales Channel platform for your Customers to order online only. Once the order is placed and paid, the sales order gets pushed into TradeGecko and you can do order management such as fulfilment in TradeGecko. Also you can create new products in TradeGecko and do Purchase orders in TradeGecko as well. Let me know if you have any third party addon connected to Magento for us to discuss further.