Low efficiency of TG Development


Hi All,

We have been using TG for almost full 12 months now if this matters.

We have suggested some features and supported other users’ requests. However we don’t see much improvement in TG. Many of the topics, even those with big support from multiple users get answers like: “Thank you for the request. This is not on our short-term road map.”

I believe that the rapid increase of TG’s customers has caused a stall in the product development on the small scale e.g. feature requests. I understand that, but still there is the question - when are we actually going to get any of the features requested implemented? It seems that nothing is on the short term road map?!

We purchased the product with the hope that it will really make our work much easier and it does to a certain extent, but the details that really matter such as invoicing are very limited and not working for many of us.

Best Regards,